November 22, 2021

Mr. Jitendra Mehta

Founder and lead technician of Parity Systems, Mr. Jitendra Mehta, is an Engineer, visionary, and business entrepreneur by profession and a technology aficionado & passionate leader at heart. 

Ever since his schooling, Mr. Mehta has had a keen interest in electronics, a zeal for entrepreneurship & a vision to lead a team of individuals who shared his passion for technology. 

After completing his education in Instrumentation and Control Engineering, he embarked on his 9+ years of career as a maintenance engineer in Essar Steel Ltd. During his tenure at Essar; he gained the experience of maintaining, servicing and repairing various electrical and automation systems. Along with that, he also became well versed in preventive maintenance of different equipment, handling breakdowns, and administration of workforce during shutdown activities in the plant. 

Equipped with immense knowledge, years of experience, and an enduring passion for helping businesses and individuals function at their full potential with uninterrupted IT performance, he established Parity systems in 2005. His vision and zest for delivering unmatched value and quality to clients have led Parity Systems from its modest endeavors to serving a diverse clientele of corporate companies across the country. 

He has been the organization's backbone and is responsible for technological transformation, researching clients, client engagement, purchase acquisition, and business innovation amongst other integral business elements.